Quite possibly one of the most-quoted phrases in the software industry:

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

— Abraham Maslow, The Psychology of Science (1966)

This is often pulled out and dusted off when discussions of high-level architectural components, stacks, and programming languages begin to get a bit heated.  This post was inspired by a discussion with a budding computer scientist I know regarding why there are so many different programming languages, tools, and environments.

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So I recently (finally) decided to take the plunge and take a serious look at Ruby and Rails, so started pinging a colleague of mine who spends most of his day pounding around on a custom Rails app.  After a couple weeks or so of setting up environments, digging through books, and plowing through the Ruby Koans, he asked me if I’d heard of a new language called Elixir and the Phoenix framework that has been creating quite a stir in Ruby circles…

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