I have always been fascinated with the interconnections between individuals, systems, and content in networks.  With the rapid evolution of machine learning, semantic web technologies, and sentiment analysis I feel like we’re on the cusp of some truly remarkable systems and solutions that can make a difference in how people communicate, learn, and grow.  I want to be a part of that revolution.


Georgia Institute of Technology : Jan 2017 – Present

Research faculty (Research Scientist II) in the College of Computing, School of Interactive Computing, Design & Intelligence Lab.  Primary focus is leading the integration efforts on an NSF Big Data Spokes initiative related to ecological research simulations.  The project is a collaboration with the Smithsonian, IBM Watson, and South Big Data Hub as well as several other institutions in the southeast.

Phase2 Technology : Jan 2012 – Dec 2016

Phase2 is primarily a web consultancy with large clients and demanding architectures. As a Senior Developer, I took on Technical Lead and/or Architect roles for several projects including:

I was also the Concentration Lead for the Data Migration & Processing team.  Platforms primarily used are LAMP-based CMSs, Acquia and OpenShift hosting, Solr and Elasticsearch indexing, and custom integrations.

Cool Blue Interactive : Apr 2010 – Jan 2012

Senior Developer at a boutique online agency responsible for site buildout; technical direction; and evaluation of new tools, technologies and services.  Responsible for management and training of junior developers, as well as a technical resource for the sales team. Platforms used were CakePHP, LAMP-based CMSs, OpenLayers+OpenGeo, hosted primarily on Rackspace Cloud.

Octobang : Jan 2004 – Present

Independent contractor building custom automation and web solutions primarily for powersports, automotive, and niche social networking clients.

Infosys Development Group    Jan 1996 – Jan 2004

Senior Consultant for enterprise backend system design and implementation for various clients:

  • BMC Software (Enterprise Data Propagation SBU)
  • Altra Energy Technologies (FERC GISB-compliant EDI solutions, acquired by Caminus, Sungard)
  • Zeh Graphic Systems (enterprise graphics processing solutions, acquired by Petris)

Technologies used were C/C++, Java, multiple Unix platforms, Linux, multiple RDBMS platforms, Windows.


Georgia Institute of Technology : Atlanta, GA

Currently enrolled, MS in Computer Science, Machine Learning specialization.
Anticipated graduation Spring 2018.

Saint Edward’s University : Austin, TX

Graduated 2003, MBA in Finance.

Saint Edward’s University : Austin, TX

Graduated 2000, BBA in Finance.

Texas A&M University : College Station, TX

Coursework in Biochemistry & Genetics (2 years)
Coursework in Computer Science & Engineering (3 years)



Primarily Java, Python, Elixir, and LAMP stack (e.g. Symfony, WordPress, CodeIgniter, etc), developing custom applications to integrate with backend big data services.

Datastores I primarily work with are MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Elasticsearch, Solr.

Intermediate/advanced devops skills:

  • Limited CI/automation experience
  • Experience with Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, other proprietary Unixes, OSX, Windows
  • Some OpenShift and Heroku hosting experience, limited AWS
  • Comfortable with Apache 2.x, limited experience with varnish, nginx and lighttpd.


Investigating graph databases, currently exploring Neo4j.  Experimenting with ML toolkits (BURLAP, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras) during my Georgia Tech MS coursework.  NLP work with NLTK, CLiPS Pattern, Stanford CoreNLP in my capacity as Research Scientist @ Georgia Tech.

Past (but not forgotten)

High-performance multithreaded C/C++ application architecture and development (ETL, graphics processing, EDI, Windows ISAPI and driver development), Java servlets.

Conference Presentations

All Things Open 2014
Open Data + Open Source = Open Goodness

CapitalCamp 2014
Open Data, Not Just a Buzzword

BADCamp 2013
Drupal + Socrata = Open Data for the Masses!

DrupalCamp Atlanta 2013
Drupal + Socrata = Open Data for the Masses!

DrupalCamp Atlanta 2012
Large Drupal Multisites (GTA Case Study)

Atlanta Drupal User’s Group 2011
OpenLayers for Drupal: The 10,000 Foot View

Professional Associations