I have always been fascinated with the intersection between individuals, systems, and content in networks. With the rapid evolution of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing I feel like we’re on the cusp of some truly remarkable systems and solutions that can make a difference in how people communicate, learn, and grow. I want to be a part of that revolution.


Georgia Institute of Technology : Jan 2017 – Present

As a Research Scientist II in the Design & Intelligence Lab at Tech, I am responsible for the technical lab oversight as well as the lead researcher on the VeraWeb project (funded by NSF Award #1636848). This project provides a conceptual modeling and simulation web application for multi-domain experimentation (currently ecological systems and economic markets) leveraging big data sources and model-to-simulation compilers. The stacks most used are Spring (Java) and Python.

Phase2 Technology : Jan 2012 – Dec 2016

Phase2 is primarily a web consultancy with large clients and demanding architectures. As a Senior Developer, I took on Technical Lead and/or Architect roles for several projects including:

I was also the Concentration Lead for the Data Migration & Processing team.  Platforms primarily used are LAMP-based CMSs, Acquia and OpenShift hosting, Solr and Elasticsearch indexing, and custom integrations.

Cool Blue Interactive : Apr 2010 – Jan 2012

Senior Developer at a boutique online agency responsible for site buildout; technical direction; and evaluation of new tools, technologies and services.  Responsible for management and training of junior developers, as well as a technical resource for the sales team. Platforms used were CakePHP, LAMP-based CMSs, OpenLayers+OpenGeo, hosted primarily on Rackspace Cloud.

Octobang : Jan 2004 – Present

Independent contractor building custom automation and web solutions primarily for powersports, automotive, and niche social networking clients.

Infosys Development Group : Jan 1996 – Jan 2004

Senior Consultant for enterprise backend system design and implementation for various clients:

  • BMC Software (Enterprise Data Propagation SBU)
  • Altra Energy Technologies (FERC GISB-compliant EDI solutions, acquired by Caminus, Sungard)
  • Zeh Graphic Systems (enterprise graphics processing solutions, acquired by Petris)

Technologies used were C/C++, Java, multiple Unix platforms, Linux, multiple RDBMS platforms, Windows.

Zeh Graphic Systems : July 1994 – Jan 1996

Cross platform developer working with 12 variants of Unix, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows responsible for port of CAD rendering engines from FORTRAN to C and Objective C.  CAD systems used were AutoCAD, Intergraph, and Bentley MicroStation.  Developed Windows printer drivers for Novajet, HP, and legacy CMYK electrostatic wide format plotters.  Languages used were C, C++, and Objective C.  Industries primarily served were mapping and oil/gas E&P.

Knowledge Based Systems : Aug 1991 – May 1993

Software QA tester for DOS-based IDEF software implementations.  Worked into active software development porting IDEF systems to Windows using Borland C++, building dongle copy protection solutions used by all KBSI software on multiple platforms, and writing documentation for software built.


Georgia Institute of Technology : Atlanta, GA

Graduated 2018, MS in Computer Science, Machine Learning specialization.

Saint Edward’s University : Austin, TX

Graduated 2003, MBA in Finance.

Saint Edward’s University : Austin, TX

Graduated 2000, BBA in Finance.

Texas A&M University : College Station, TX

Coursework in Biochemistry & Genetics (2 years)
Coursework in Computer Science & Engineering (3 years)


Languages: Java, Python, Elixir, C, standard web technologies (LAMP, HTML, CSS, JS). My C++ is a little rusty, but serviceable.

ML+RL: Scikit-learn, Python MDP Toolbox, BURLAP, NumPy, SciPy, OpenAI Gym. Acquiring PyTorch, Caffe, TensorFlow, Keras.

NLP: NLTK, CoreNLP, Pattern, Spacy, WordNet, VerbNet, FrameNet

Intermediate/advanced devops skills. Some CI/automation experience. Solid experience with Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, other proprietary Unixes, OSX, Windows, Docker.

Personal Projects

Building NLP parsers from open corpora such as MASC in Elixir to provide truly open-source, distributed, and highly concurrent parsing solutions

Building OpenCL interfaces for Elixir to provide more efficient ML solutions for the stack

Investigating predictive models based on data from the GDELT project

Knowledge base construction from unstructured content using unsupervised learning models and standard ontologies

Conference Presentations

Atlanta Elixir UG (Feb 2017)
NLP with Elixir: Say whuuut?

All Things Open 2014
Open Data + Open Source = Open Goodness

CapitalCamp 2014
Open Data, Not Just a Buzzword

BADCamp 2013
Drupal + Socrata = Open Data for the Masses!

DrupalCamp Atlanta 2013
Drupal + Socrata = Open Data for the Masses!

DrupalCamp Atlanta 2012
Large Drupal Multisites (GTA Case Study)

Atlanta Drupal User’s Group 2011
OpenLayers for Drupal: The 10,000 Foot View

Professional Associations